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JM a écrit le 01/02/2007 15:02 (ref msg # 5974 )
site très intéressant sur les agrumes rustiques (en néerlandais) :
rustaghja a écrit le 01/02/2007 18:37 (ref msg # 5976 )
Merci pour ce lien
JM a écrit le 10/02/2007 13:40 (ref msg # 6379 )
Autre site intéressant sur les agrumes rustiques. Site allemand en anglais :

Quelqu'un a t-il l'expérience de l'utilisation des fruits des citranges (jus, marmelades, gelées ...) ? Quels sont les meilleurs (ou moins pires) ?
Andy a écrit le 12/02/2007 20:24 (ref msg # 6493 )
Dear citrus gardener (excuses que je n'écrive pas en français),

according to my experiences of hardy citrus in my area there are only a few of them edible. The problem is as hardier the plants are as more bad is the taste of the fuits itselfe. Only Yuzu is good as lemon replacement. Another disadvantage is that due to the short growing periode and unsufficient heat the fruit did not get ripe in time. May be new hybrids of Poncirus and Ichangensis will bring a suitable Citrus for the northern border in future.
So we have to stay patient...

On the other hand I do not need edible fruits , I do prefer to see the nice view of the plant, the smell and the blossoms in springtime.

To give you some impressions look at my short fotogalery of hardy citrus

rustaghja a écrit le 12/02/2007 21:00 (ref msg # 6494 )
Bienvenue Andy, et merci pour cette belle photo

Only Yuzu is good as lemon replacement.

Is yuzu juicy ?
klakos a écrit le 13/02/2007 05:48 (ref msg # 6497 )
"Andy" a écrit :

To give you some impressions look at my short fotogalery of hardy citrus

Thanks for these beautiful photos.
Andy a écrit le 13/02/2007 12:27 (ref msg # 6508 )
Yuzu is juicy and according to my personal opinium in taste absolute comparable to normal lemon. Unforunately the Yuzu is not very hardy and my plant died in Winter 05/06 - minimum temperatur was -11,2 C° . but as most parts of costal France is mild, it will survive in these locations much better than in my area.

Below you can see a foto of different Ichangensis Hybrids.[/img]

Also very promissing is a new breeding of my friend Bernhard Voss, who has got a small citrus nursery near Hambourg.

It is called Violetta and has extremly violet blossoms and during ripening also violette fruits. The hardyness is not finaly tested.

Here some impressions

JM a écrit le 13/02/2007 19:12 (ref msg # 6516 )
Willkommen Andy
Your photos are very nice for citrus enthusiasts. I am reading now the book of Bernhard Voss : it's very interesting. (But I have to translate the most interesting pages for me : cold hardy citrus, because my german is to bad)
JM a écrit le 02/03/2007 20:02 (ref msg # 6835 )
Voici un Satsuma Owari en pleine terre depuis 1 an et qui a passé 2 mois sous non-tissé, groggi mais vivant :

Et quelques candidats à la plantation en pleine terre ce printemps :

Citrangequat Thomasville et US119

La relève
Semis de Poncirus (graines conservées depuis novembre dans du sable humide au frigo et semées il y a moins d'1 semaine) :

Semis de Kumquats (après "les fêtes" de fin d'année !) : >> Agrumes