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Marcel Joosten a écrit le 11/01/2020 13:19 (ref msg # 66263 )
Excuse me to write in English. I come from the Netherlands and my English is better than my French.....

I have a kiwi-collection in the Netherlands with differtent female and male varieties.

One of my female varieties is the yellow-fleshed Italian variety 'Soreli'.

For this variety 'Soreli' I am looking for a good male pollinator. There is a mismatch in flowering period with the male 'Belen', wich flowers to late. I saw that this is discussed here before, as some of you have the same experience in France.

Actually, I am looking for the French male variety 'PolliChina'.
But I cannot find any French webshop to buy such plant !

Can anybody here help me for:
- a place where I can buy a plant of 'PolliChina' ?
- rooted or unrooted cuttings of 'PolliChina' ?

I appreciate your help !
patrice a écrit le 11/01/2020 16:19 (ref msg # 66265 )

Pollichina has been commercialized by Pépinière du Bosc but now not listed in their catalog.

Record snapshot referencing "pollichina" resale :

Actually, I don't know a french reseller.

Best regards.
François du Perche a écrit le 13/01/2020 18:33 (ref msg # 66273 )
It's not 100% sure that Pollichina will be a good pollinisator for Sorelli. It was supposed to pollinise "Belle de Chine" that has been no longer commercialised in France for several years. So I think it's impossible to buy either "Belle de Chine" or Pollichina now.
I have a Pollichina but last summer, it got an unknown disease and all leaves fell. I am anxious to know whether it will survive this year thanks to the large amount of Bouillie Bordelaise that I spread end of November.
If it dies, then I will be stuck with my 4 "Belle de Chine", if it starts again at spring, then we can see how I can duplicate this tree. Maybe do an exchange with Sorelli as all my trial of graft of Sorelli have failed, but remember that maybe Pollichina will not work as a pollinisator.
What does the Sorelli producer say about the choice of a suitable pollinisator ?
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