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Genera which are closely related to Pyrus may have potential as cold-hardy, dwarfing rootstocks for cultivated pears. Virus free pear cultivars Beurre Bosc, Bartlett, and Passe Crassane were grafted onto potted rootstocks of assorted genera with 10 reps per cultivar per rootstock. After 6 months, average survival was > 80% on Sorbus aucuparia and Amelanchier alnifolia and was 100% on Pyrus communis and Malus domestica rootstock, and Pyronia veitchii interstocks (on Pyrus communis roots). Shoot elongation was greatest on Sorbus aucuparia (mean 61.8 cm) and shortest on Amelanchier alnifolia (mean 24.6 cm). In a more recent trial using the same cultivars, survival of grafts on Pyrus communis, Sorbus alnifolia, Amelanchier canadensis, Amelanchier lamarckii was 100% after 60 days. Survival was > 70% on Cotoneaster acutifolia and Docynia indica. All grafts on Sorbus pahuashanensis leafed out and died before 60 days. Continued growth and productivity of these trees are under investigation. >> Poirier