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misoo83 a écrit le 13/03/2017 08:58 (ref msg # 57429 )
Hi i got two days ago 2 kiwi's 7 years old (actinidia arguta) with part of trunk about 30 cm above ground, i transplanted them and now i need advice what would be best solution.Both of them are bleeding sap and i don't know is it possible to get some new growth from roots, i looked and i didn't saw any bud on trunks.
Should i try to graft them i have scions from actinidia deliciosa?
Problem is that they bleed sap a lot, should i left them bleed and after rootstock stops bleeding sap than to try to graft or now to try to graft?.
jean68 a écrit le 13/03/2017 09:53 (ref msg # 57430 )
Only 7 years old with such a big diameter? Will they survive (enough roots?) . You don't give information of your location. Here in France now if y cut a kiwi, it will bleed, they start to grow. . The point that they are bleeding is not a big problem. the 12 or 13 march 2015 I grafted (small diameter) kiwis with success despite bleeding. I have again grafted this year (3 march) and they bleed a few but I stay optimist for the future.
The other point is how are the scions for grafting? OK or too late?
My kiwis are in nord-east of France, in south it would be probably too late.
floyd a écrit le 13/03/2017 10:07 (ref msg # 57432 )
Be optimist, test it !
misoo83 a écrit le 13/03/2017 10:39 (ref msg # 57433 )
I live in Serbia, scion wood is in good shape, i think i should try bark grafting or cleft grafting kiwi .
In day or two i will graft them and hope success .
François du Perche a écrit le 13/03/2017 12:00 (ref msg # 57435 )
Personnally, I would leave them quiet this year, and I would graft next year on the nicest & strongest branches that will grow from the cut trunks. So the roots will have time to develop this year and the plant will be stronger next year. And the graft will be done on recent wood not on an old trunk with heavy bark.
If it develops strongly this spring, you can also try an herbaceous graft at mid-June.
François du Perche a écrit le 13/03/2017 12:02 (ref msg # 57436 )
read THICK bark , not heavy bark.
misoo83 a écrit le 13/03/2017 13:13 (ref msg # 57441 )
My fear is that there is no one live bud on this kiwi and if i don't graft it will completely die.
I have scion wood that i wanted to graft my another kiwi deliciosa seedling but sap flowing to much and i decided not to try graft now and try to graft later when sap bleeding stops.

Could kiwi set any growth directly from roots underground?.

François du Perche a écrit le 13/03/2017 17:00 (ref msg # 57445 )
I do not see how grafting can save the plant. If it must die, it will die anyway. If plants are in the throes of death, then it's better to focus on saving them instead of trying to graft. Covering the ground around with 3 or 4 cm of brf will help. And the roots we can see on your pictures look ok.
Concerning new plants issued by roots, you can read this topic, already discussed, and it's in English, by you it seems.
François du Perche a écrit le 13/03/2017 17:05 (ref msg # 57446 )
sorry, I got confused between kaki and kiwi. Personnally, I found already new branches starting from ground level but not from roots, On this site, there are specialists of kiwi who can answer this question "est-ce que le kiwi drageonne ?"
misoo83 a écrit le 13/03/2017 18:37 (ref msg # 57450 )
I have too actinidia arguta kiwis but i never saw sucker from roots, on my kiwis buds are growing and are now about 2 mm but on this kiwi roots that i got there are no visable buds, and if i don't graft i think there is small chance that this kiwi roots can and will survive without green growth and leaves.

If i graft and graft takes than that will be new growth that will take roots alive .
misoo83 a écrit le 21/05/2017 19:27 (ref msg # 58240 )
Hi here are results of transplantation and grafting actinidia arguta kiwis two months later .
François du Perche a écrit le 22/05/2017 10:16 (ref msg # 58245 )
congratulations for this success, it worked very well. You have left young buds below the graft develop vigourously giving very strong new branches of the original plant. They will take all the energy of the plant and your grafts (round leaves) will not develop. I would advise to get rid asap of all these vigourous branches of the original plant to concentrate the growth on new grafts.
misoo83 a écrit le 22/05/2017 12:16 (ref msg # 58249 )
Thanks for advice but for me is more important original plant - rootstock (i need lots of scion wood for grafting this year) than grafts, i have grafted them because i was not sure that i will get any new growth from rootstock.
François du Perche a écrit le 22/05/2017 14:51 (ref msg # 58251 )
Maybe you could limit to one plant only the development of the new round leave variety, you can choose the one having the less branches from rootstock and cut them. Then, you still have many branches for your works on the other plant (s) and you can compare the growth of the new variety on both situations.
misoo83 a écrit le 22/05/2017 15:37 (ref msg # 58253 )
Maybe i will do something like that, but i want to try air layering too .
Here where i have planted this kiwis ground is not so good for growing them so i will graft that varieties to my 7 years old actidia arguta that grows very well on another spot, that is why i need much scion wood from both kiwis.
François du Perche a écrit le 22/05/2017 16:28 (ref msg # 58254 )
I understand now your point of view. You probably have a source of Actinidia deliciosa buds and you do not mind loosing your grafts. New buds appeared on the trunk at ground level and developed well, now the question is to know whether that happened naturally or if the new graft was needed to generate this result, what I do not believe. Whatever the answer, the result is satisfactory >> Kiwi et Kiwai