Fraisiers hybrides fragaria x vescana

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nicollas a écrit le 14/01/2014 17:47 (ref msg # 42644 )
Ils ont l'air intéressants ces hybrides : très bon goût mais petite taille, très stolonifères et vigoureux, les fraises sont au dessus du feuillage, et ils peuvent rester en place au moins 8 ans (faucher après la récolte de juillet)

Extrait d'un article de la conceptrice Annelise Baueur, Progress in breeding decaploid fragaria x vescana hybrids :

advantages they offer, in ecological and economic terms, are based on their hybrid character. Phenotypically they
demonstrate heterosis. This is characterized by a strong production of runners during the first year, resulting in a
dense stand of runnerplants which can be used as a 'meadow-culture'. Physiologically, they combine the short-day
sensitivity of F. x ananassa with the day-neutral reaction of F. vesca. Compared with F. x ananassa, the vegetative
growth of the F. x vescana hybrids - expressed in the strong runner production - ceases only with low temperatures.
Thus, there is only a very short peri od for sidecrown formation, compared with F. x ananassa, and the senescence
is strongly retarded. Contrary to the short-living F. x ananassa cvs the F. x vescana 'meadow-culture' can be
cropped for many years with a minimum of care. Spraying against botrytis is not required. >> Petits fruits