Trazel (hybridation du Byzance et de l'avelana)

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autrevie a écrit le 19/06/2013 08:36 (ref msg # 40742 )
2 variétés de trazel à 34.90£ un curieux hybride entre le noisette classique et les noisettes de byzance
chez agroforesterie research and trust.

j'en ai réservé les hybrides sont vigoureux,faut tester...
mitschurin a écrit le 19/06/2013 10:21 (ref msg # 40746 )
There are also "natural" Hybrids of C. avellana and C. colurna, called "Corylus x colurnoides". Some of the seedlings of C. colurna are always this hybrid, when a bush of C. avellana is near. Growth of this hybrids should be very, very exzessive! I would like to know about the nut quality of the hybrids!
autrevie a écrit le 19/06/2013 12:39 (ref msg # 40751 )
me too...
thank you for this answer Mitschurin
Bruno a écrit le 21/06/2013 07:25 (ref msg # 40778 )
Quand il fructifieront donne nous la réponse.
autrevie a écrit le 21/06/2013 11:31 (ref msg # 40785 )
ok,mais pour l'instant je n'ai fait que réservé les plantes.
mitschurin a écrit le 21/06/2013 17:07 (ref msg # 40792 )
And I am just growing a one year old seedling of the trazels (I do not know at the moment exactly, which cultivar was the parent, but I will ask the man, who gave me this plant!), maybe it is a backcross of the hybrid with C. avellana....??? We will see in future! I will write here again in 5 the case that will still exist then... >> Noisetier