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viaggiatore971 a écrit le 23/06/2012 17:12 (ref msg # 36040 )
juglans regia ' Tri Garri'

Cette noix a été trouvé en Calabre, sud de l'Italie.

Les gens pensent que cette noix rare a des pouvoirs magiques,
en italien est connu sous le nom 'noce tripartita' (noyer tripartite)

Il ya même certains en Italie vend ces noix rares:

( C'est le signe de la crise économique )
mitschurin a écrit le 23/06/2012 17:36 (ref msg # 36041 )
I did also find single nuts with three shells, also called "trivalvis" (there are also "quadrivalvis" with 4 shells). Here one of the nuts I found some years ago:

I found also nuts consisting of only one shell:
viaggiatore971 a écrit le 23/06/2012 17:50 (ref msg # 36042 )
I knew of the existence of these nuts, but now we also know where there is a tree that produces these rare nuts
mitschurin a écrit le 23/06/2012 19:05 (ref msg # 36044 )
Great, if this is really a clone that produces only this nuts! For now, I just found single nuts on trees, that produce "normal nuts"! So this clone or "cultivar", that produces only or mainly tripartite nuts would be really a great thing!!!!!!!
viaggiatore971 a écrit le 23/06/2012 20:28 (ref msg # 36045 )
Will not be easy, because I live 1187 km from this tree of nuts (google maps).
But now we know that in the town of Condofuri, on the farm "Il Bergamotto"
there is a 'Trivalvis'.

Next Monday I'll look for a contact. >> Noyer