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viaggiatore971 a écrit le 29/12/2011 17:58 (ref msg # 32736 )
Une bonne année pour cousins ​​français !

Les photos suivantes sont liées à une espèce de Diospyros...



Kaki sont aussi grands que les raisins.
viaggiatore971 a écrit le 30/12/2011 10:48 (ref msg # 32738 )
J'ai reçu un e-mail d'un français très compétent sur ​​le botaniste qui m'a dit que c'est un Diospyros wilsonii


J'ai reçu les photos par une personne vivant dans le sud de l'Italie.

A ce point, Je me fais cette question:
comment il a réussi à aller un Diospyros wilsonii dans le sud de l'Italie près de Naples?
mitschurin a écrit le 30/12/2011 12:21 (ref msg # 32740 )
In my opinion this plant is DIOSPYROS LOTUS, the "Date Plum", which is often used as a rootstock for grafting Diospyros kaki.

In MY opinion DIOSPYROS WILSONII does NOT exist at all, as a really species: I cultivate both: Plants, that I received named as D. lotus and plants, named D. wilsonii, and I could NOT find any differences yet in the phenotype of these "different" species, both are dioecious (male an female flowers on different individuals), both are completely hardy here in Austria, both bear small fruit with seeds, if polinated, and seedless, parthenocarpic, if not pollinated...

So, maybe there is someone here out, who can tell me the difference and can convince me of the existence of D. wilsonii as a species...? I would be glad about this...
viaggiatore971 a écrit le 31/12/2011 08:59 (ref msg # 32756 )
I think so too, it is Diospyros lotus the fruits in the image.

Is easier than is the truth.

However I will try more at a great collector of rare fruit

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