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flax a écrit le 24/07/2009 09:26 (ref msg # 23895 )
Please is here anybody from France who can get superhardy and early variety Valleiry somewhere? I'm really interesting in it, but no one hasn't it. I have contacted user FigNut from France who made this information public on their web pages, but he hasn't any plants of this type. He only try to gather informartions about interesting varieties. I think that it's called by French city, where is maybe mother plant located.
klakos a écrit le 24/07/2009 18:01 (ref msg # 23900 )
Pour pouvoir la décrire aussi précisément, cette variété ne doit pas être "très loin".
flax a écrit le 24/07/2009 21:14 (ref msg # 23907 )
Sorry Klakos, but I don't understand French language
vomito a écrit le 24/07/2009 22:34 (ref msg # 23910 )
In fact you're right it's called by a french city in the Alps, at the suiss border. Maybe you should ask the user for more details regarding the origin of these photos as the variety "Valleiry" seems neither be referenced nor classified.

A brief research gave me nothing, so try this way to get some more information about the mother plant and hope for cuttings.
patrice a écrit le 25/07/2009 06:47 (ref msg # 23912 )
The planetfig webmaster lives in Valleiry. (see whois website informations).
Probably it's a personnal selection of fig tree he found in his neighborhood.

in French :
(Le webmaster de planetfig habite justement à Valleiry. Sans doute une selection personnelle d'un figuier trouvé dans le secteur).
a écrit le 18/02/2010 19:17 (ref msg # 26152 )
FLAX questionned 24/07/2009 : where is it possible to find 'VALLEIRY' fig tree ? The answer is the following : Pépinières (nursery)Figoli-Chemin de l'Aufrene-Quartier de la demi- lune-83400-Hyères-FRANCE-Tél : 06 63 48 15 81.The owner is Mr Marx Olivier.This nursery has a website.The next plants of 'Valleiry' will be availaible in april 2010. En français :plants de figuiers 'Valleiry' disponibles à l'adresse ci-dessus dès avril (personnelle ment,je ne prendrai mon figier qu'en automne ; je préfère que la pépinière le dorlote alors que la chaleur estivale pourrait lui porter préjudice).Seranne. >> Figuier