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Figman a écrit le 14/06/2009 07:46 (ref msg # 23383 )
This is my first air layering on a fig tree that was sticking out of a fence.

I cut into the stem revealing the cambium layer, I did put a little rooting hormone on the cut.

I made two air layers and covered both with foil to reflect away the sun light and to keep cool so that water will last longer.
patrice a écrit le 14/06/2009 08:05 (ref msg # 23384 )
Hi, welcome.
Thanks for theses pictures.
Ernst a écrit le 14/06/2009 11:13 (ref msg # 23386 )
When do you think to cut off? Have you made this airlayering for a long time? I made the same operation on the pear tree 3 months ago.
Figman a écrit le 14/06/2009 17:48 (ref msg # 23393 )
I made this air layering on Tuesday. I will check on it next Tuesday to add more water if needed. I want to wait until enough roots appear before I remove it. I will post pictures when I do.
patrice a écrit le 15/06/2009 10:01 (ref msg # 23398 )
Usually, I cut off my air layering when I cas see a lot of roots trought the film, like this picture : .
Figman a écrit le 15/06/2009 17:03 (ref msg # 23405 )
wow thanks for that picture. I never seen roots on an air layering like before. I wonder will figs produce that much roots. I looks like you didn't use any medium for it.
patrice a écrit le 15/06/2009 18:33 (ref msg # 23409 )
"Figman" a écrit :
I looks like you didn't use any medium for it.

there was soil.
on the picture, the roots were washed
Figman a écrit le 25/06/2009 18:08 (ref msg # 23535 )
I when back to check on my air layers today just to find that two out of the four have rooted. But out of those two one was destroyed not by children but by a murder of crows that just build a nest right next to them. I was so pissed when I seen what they have done I used every bad word in the book. Roots were hanging from the damaged layering all dried up, I will try and add more soil to see if they will regrow tomorrow. I guess the foil caused them to do that because they ripped it off both of them. The other one was unharmed just having the foil torn off. The next one showed little sign off root growth, so I thought that maybe I should just leave it there to grow some more. That imagine of those bird killing that one too ran through my mind so I made the decision to cut it off early and take it with me. What would you have done in this situation? The two that were coming from between the fence wasn't even touched at all in anyway. I don't believe the crows seen them or will notice them since they are so low to the ground. I did have to add more water to both of them due to this Houston heat of not having rain in about a month.

Is it possible that the one that I took off early could grow healthy without losing any leaves? It did have roots growing and the bark seems to be swelling as if roots are about to bust out. I potted it up in a clear container to watch to see if those roots would grow longer before the leaves start to dry out. I am keeping it on the inside for the rest of this month and maybe next too. I'm going to cover it with a bag also if needed. This is not what I had in mind for my first air layering, but at least it has roots right. The other two that I left had those white bumps all over them but I think the lack off water slowed the rooting process on these two.

on the tree I did notice figs hanging in front of me so I decided to eat one. They were small and golden brown or golden with a red to pink flesh. It was not what I expected my first fig to taste like. Could the hot weather and the lack of rain affect the way the fruit taste? These figs were not juicy at all so I decided not to blame the tree itself but the hot weather. Some of them were just falling of and others looked like raisins. The birds didn't seem to mind this because they was still pecking holes in the figs. I hope it rain soon.
patrice a écrit le 26/06/2009 07:34 (ref msg # 23540 )

Typically, the air layering takes several weeks to achieve. Personally, I leave easily two or three months elapse.
Hope for cuttings with a short time air layering? At this moment of the year, it does usually on grass shoots, and under glass. (read this)
Figman a écrit le 02/07/2009 19:05 (ref msg # 23601 )
I when back to the tree today to check on them for the fourth time already and this time I took some pics.

I noticed that the leaves have started to turn maybe form the lack of good water from the main tree. This weather is throwing a gear in my plans but I'm going to complain about GOD's work. Is it possible that the stress of the heat can force out fmv ( if it has it) out of dormancy. Below are the leaves I pulled from the layering So that anyone could tell me if it is the heat or fmv.

I really hope all of this isn't for an infected tree because that would also mean the other cuttings that i received from this tree also has it.

This picture is of the layering to the left and as you can see that thee is any visible rooting taking place even after 3 - 4 weeks. The soil is moist but they just refuse to grow, so it seems. Below is the same layering but just on the other side.

I was disappointed to find this small roots after all this time but at the same time I was excited to see something growing. I figured that it was better to see some roots than to see none. Now I will never open the bag over this layering now that I have confirmed root growth.

This is the tree that I have been working with for sometime now. Now you see why I said the owner could never see me thought his/her tree as there is no way on Earth that anyone can look through that. Those birds have eaten most of the fruit when returned today.What they didn't was most likely destroyed by the heat.

That is one of the evil birds behind the EVIL commented.

These are pictures or the layering undone by the birds, all the soil was pulled out from one end leaving behind the dry out branch above. I added the pictures to ask a question about it. On the second and third pic I noticed the branch have develop these dried sappy structures. The second pic shows it on the right side on the cut area as the part running on its side. While the last picture shows it as that knotted area on the right side of the picture on the cut area.

Are those callus of some form? And if so are they the result of energy trapped unable to flow down? And if that is the case then I should able to force roots from those areas if I try to relayer that branch? I don't won't to leave that branch just sitting there on the tree without me finishing the job.

If it is not possible for me to relayer it then I could cut it off and grow it which should be no problem with developed callus on it right?
patrice a écrit le 05/07/2009 05:56 (ref msg # 23624 )
Your air layers were made for less than a month. It may be a little early to draw conclusions. The literature reporting fig tree underground layers (dropping) indicates that the withdrawal takes place after one year.
About fig tree air layering, few informations I can found indicates du proccess in mid spring to mid summer. hot temperatures will be bad to air layering, 18..21°C is the best temperature.

Sorry, no more informations.

I will not have defeated the packaging for two or three months for an air layer...
Figman a écrit le 05/07/2009 17:46 (ref msg # 23634 )
thx for the information.

i kind of wonder if it was to hot but i want to give it a shot anyways. i just hope it gets cool for a least a week to give it a chance. >> Figuier