"Macludrania hybrida" (Cudrania X Maclura)

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mitschurin a écrit le 24/01/2008 17:55 (ref msg # 12972 )
"Macludrania hybrida" (Cudrania X Maclura)

Macludrania hybrida may be a rarely mentioned hybrid of Cudrania tricuspidata and Maclura pomifera, that seems to be unknown anywhere.
I am not sure, if it really exists…
So I am interested, if anyone of you has ever heard about it. It would also be very interesting to get informations about the “edibility” of its fruits! Would they be more like the unedible Maclura or like the quite nice tasting Cudrania fruits…?

Here you can find good informations about Cudrania, and also Macludrania is mentioned:
autrevie a écrit le 25/01/2008 20:40 (ref msg # 13042 )

have you ever eat this fruit? hade you liked?
i haven't any answer for your questions.
Cudrania is so raretly.

je pensse acheter un plant fort fort bientot. hooo oui car sa semble bon!
Pépiniere adeline,waasland,agroforestery,cella reste rare et assez cher.
mitschurin a écrit le 25/01/2008 22:47 (ref msg # 13056 )
I have never seen or eaten a Macludrania fruit...
but I had the possibility to eat Cudrania, which are quite nice tasting, although there are lots of kernels... maybe a seedles cultivar might be better ( http://www.eat-it.com/Plants/Che%20Fruit...)

PS: thanks for answering in English, but you don´t have to, I can understand french as well...

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