Caractéristiques des fruits issus de semis de pépins

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nicollas a écrit le 29/07/2014 14:22 (ref msg # 44805 )
Une étude intéressante, de 1960 qui regarde les caractéristiques des fruits de ~1400 pommiers issus de semis

1. An analysis of the data from 1,387 seedlings from 44 progenies derived from 21 varieties of apples showed that the characters fruit shape, size and season of ripening all showed a quantitative pattern of inheritance.

2. The progeny mean for fruit shape was found to be approximately equal to the mid- parent value.

3. The progeny mean for fruit size is generally less than the mid-parent value, the average decrease from the mid-parent for all the outbred progenies being 34 per cent.. In consequence, only a very small proportion of seedlings produce fruit of acceptable size.

4. The progeny mean for season of ripening is close to the mid-parent value except in crosses between late ripening varieties, in which the progeny mean is earlier than the mid-parent.

5. The main effects of each parent on each of the three characters have been calculated by treating the data as an incomplete diallel cross. The calculated main effects for each of the 21 varieties tested allow predictions to be made on the progeny means of untested combinations of parents.
hendy a écrit le 06/12/2014 19:02 (ref msg # 46203 )
Si l' on avait eu des pommiers de qualité autour de ceux-ci les caractéristiques des fruits issue des semis obtenues seraient complètement différentes..
nicollas a écrit le 06/12/2014 20:04 (ref msg # 46205 )
Non justement il a fait des pollinisations controllées et il compare la progéniture aux moyennes des caractéristiques des deux parents >> Autres techniques et expérimentations