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patrice a écrit le 02/07/2008 20:11 (ref msg # 18110 )
Pyriam, le porte-greffe de poirier résistant au feu bactérien.

Trouvé sur le net un petit historique :

A breeding programme for pear rootstocks with the main objective of dwarfing the scion variety was initiated at the INRA Unit of Angers in 1966. Seedlings raised from open pollination of Fieudière 3, Kirchensaller-Mostbirne, ‘Beurré Hardy’ and ‘Old Home’ were selected on the basis of their compatibility with ‘Williams’ or ‘Passe-Crassane’ and their effects on the scion production capacities over a 10 year period. The 9 selected genotypes were then tested for other inherent characteristics, tolerance to fire blight, habit, compatibility with ‘Williams’ in the nursery and their ability to propagate. One genotype, OH11 (open pollination of ‘Old Home’), gave the best results. It has been evaluated at several locations in France, and it shows its best potential in the calcareous soils of the south-east of France. In this area, grafted with ‘Williams’, it supports good and durable production compared with BA29 which declines after some years. OH11 was released as ‘Pyriam’ (for Pyrus resistant to Erwinia amylovora) in 1997. >> Poirier