PG pour transformer pomme en pomme à cidre

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PG pour transformer pomme en pomme à cidre

#1 Message par nicollas » 19 mars 2017 09:19

J'ai pas regardé en détail, mais un article anglais qui s'interroge sur a possibilité de transformer une variété de pomme en pomme à cidre en élevant le taux de tanin grâce au porte greffe ... ct-flavor/
Earlier this year, as I was doing some research on the effects of grafting apple varieties to Malus angustifolia (southern crabapple), I kept running across interesting accounts of noticeable changes to the apple varieties when grafted to crabapples. One of these changes is in flavor, which is what I’m writing about today.

This is the original snippet that sparked my interest. Why? Because this dude back in the 1800s is telling me that when he took the Bethlehemite apple, a dessert/culinary apple from Ohio, and grafted it to a crabapple rootstock, he got something different from the original variety. The grafted Bethlehemite apple had developed some astringency. Astringency is the key word here.